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Salted Caramel Sauce

There are times to twist things, and times to leave well enough alone. This was one of those times. I knew that this was one of those recipes that I had no idea what to do with in the first place, so I left well enough alone. Now that I made it, I think I’ll add less salt next time. It was good, but a little too salty for me (and almost nothing is too salty for me).


There are so few ingredients that there’s really nothing to tweak. Butter, sugar, cream and salt. I love simple recipes with easy ingredients. This kind of thing makes me really happy. When you get too many ingredients, you really start to lose me, because I want things done as simply as possible. Super-complicated recipes just make me want to modify them really badly. This one, as simple as it was, needed no tweaks.


Because this is one of those recipes where you have to constantly stir, I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted to, but this is just the melted sugar as it cooks to the right color. It smelled wonderful, let me tell you that. When you add the sugar and the butter, the recipe told me that it would “bubble up.” What it didn’t mention was that when it bubbles, it’s also steaming, and steam is dangerous when you don’t expect it. So if you decide to try this, expect the steam and keep your hands as out of the way as possible.

This is the loveliest part. Letitng it cool to transfer it to its container. All I wanted to do was try it, but, obviously, it was too hot for that. Knowing that I needed to let it cool was pretty much torture, because caramel is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

The finished product. And it is as good as it smelled. I’ve been using it on ice cream lately, because it it definitely ice cream season around here. I’m definitely thinking I won’t be buying caramel sauce again!

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