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Making Butter

My Kitchenaid mixer is probably my most prized possession. It was a Christmas present from my mother-in-law, and since moving to Kansas, it has gotten pretty constant use. Now, this isn’t a normal post, because this was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, but I didn’t save the link. I had leftover cream from my Salted Caramel Sauce that I made, and no idea what to do with it. And then I remembered that I’d read something about making butter with the same heavy cream that I had on hand. And I ended up looking at several different sites (none of which I remember at this point) to get enough tips to do it myself.

And this was basically the most simple thing I’ve ever done. It’s as easy as putting the cream in my mixer and turning it on. The first time, it took me almost half an hour to get the cream churned into butter, because I didn’t listen to the hint I’d gotten to let the cream get to room temperature. The second time, I did listen to that, and thought it would still take a while, so I ended up turning it on and¬†vacuuming¬†while I waited. By the time I got to the kitchen (because there’s carpet there, too) it was done.

The hardest part is getting the remaining milk out of the butter. I’m very taken with using cheesecloth on the outside, because handling butter with your bare hands (even under freezing water) gives you slippery, greasy hands. And that parts takes time and patience as well. What I haven’t figured out is if it’s worth making my own butter, financially. With a quart of cream, I can make about a pound of butter, which is what I usually buy. Right now, I haven’t found a quart of cream for cheaper than a pound of butter, but I’m still trying to find the best places to shop here anyway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for cheap cream.

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