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S’more Cookies

This is another snack for my hubby. Because I seriously don’t like marshmallows, and he loves them. He really, really loves them. In fact, I bought the bag of mini-marshmallows for this project and I almost didn’t get to do it because he just sat there and ate them! But I saved enough to do this one

You can see what my husband likes to snack on, right? (the open marshmallows and chocolate chips should be a clue!) This is definitely one of those recipes that doesn’t need much in terms of stuff or work, and that is always nice for me. It was easy, just laying everything out and getting it into the oven.

This is where I veered off the recipe and tried my own thing. I thought, if I used the broiler, it would go quicker, and the marshmallows would get that pretty golden brown color that we all love. I was so wrong. I put them in and cleaned everything up and wanted to check something on my computer really quick, less than 5 minutes, really, and when I popped open the oven to check them, there was fire. (No, really, literal fire) Once I got the fire put out, this is what I was left with:

Lesson learned: marshmallows and broilers are a bad combination. The chocolate didn’t even attempt to melt and the marshmallows turned into little charcoal puffs. My house smelled like smoke for the next two days, even with the fan running and the porch door open (I hate that there is no way to have real air currants through the house!)

I did try again. Not that day (I was too annoyed to try again), but a few days later, I did it again, this time following the directions. With much, much better results.

Here’s what they should look like toasting in the oven. They got all round and very lightly brown before I pulled them out this time, instead of pulling live flames from the oven. And the chocolate was melty, but not too much. I could still see some individual chips after they were assembled.

I tried to coat them in chocolate like in the recipe, but I have never been very good with that. My chocolate ended up not melting very well and not coating the cookies. So one got thrown away in failure, but the rest are wrapped and waiting to be eaten!


The moral of this story is that, sometimes, following the directions is the best idea ever!

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