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New Year’s Resolutions/January

on January 15, 2013

I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions, because they’re stupid and no one really follows through with them. But making changes around the New year makes a lot of sense to me, because I like starting at a beginning. And what could be more of a beginning than the new year? So here’s my resolution, and it’s going to sound just like everyone else’s but I don’t really care: I’m going to get healthy this year. And to make it better, I don’t just have a resolution, I have a plan. I’m challenging myself this year, when it comes to food. I’m going to force myself to think about it differently, with my monthly food challenges. 

Which leads me to January. January is my meatless month. Not that we aren’t (or haven’t) eaten any meat this month, but that I haven’t (and won’t) cook any at home. There will be pictures and recipes to come, because the rest of my new year’s resolution is to be better about this blog and update more often (with real pictures). 

What I do need, is suggestions for other food challenges in the coming months. January was easy, because we eat too much meat and not enough veggies here, and I needed to figure out how to make healthy, satisfying meals without meat. Beyond that, I don’t know what to do. So suggest away! 


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