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A Package of Goodies

This month, I participated in Foodie Pen Pals, where you both send and receive a package of goodies from someone. This is what I got in the mail.

You can see all the goodies I got in the mail here. The sheer amount of variety was awesome, it made me giddy, and so, so excited to get to take pictures of everything.

I made the quinoa with a meatloaf and cheesy cauliflower. This was something new to me, and it was good. My husband was a little iffy on it, but he tends to be weirded out by new things.

I haven’t gotten to the oatmeal yet. It’s about to be breakfast, though, just as soon as I wake up early enough to eat breakfast.


These are going on something, I’m just not sure what. But I’m really excited about it, because it’s something new to me.

The clif bars are going with the hubby to work some day. He is way more into them than I am.

These are going into sprite or some other fizzy drink. Cherry limeade is one of my favorite things, but it’s gotta be fizzy.

These were gone in two days. They were so good! Just the right amount of kick without actually being spicy (at least to me).

If you want more information on foodie pen pals, click the link below:


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